Blackbird – Chapter 9

Personal Crosses IT WAS EASTER Monday when my grandfather checked in to the local hospital. It seemed like one of his routine visits, so I kept checking in on his progress to see what the medical staff had to say. Nothing looked out of the ordinary, and he was doing so well that my aunt... Continue Reading →

Poem XVII – Sweet Surrender

The oxygenated blood gushing from my being provides the ammunition for laying down my singular sword. The temptation to grab it with both hands cuts my mind into pieces. Whispering into the furious wind surrounding the infinite forest were it lays I gain strength. The glare from the warm steel invites me into battle while... Continue Reading →

Poem XIV – Riverside Acquaintance

You have waited long enough to feel divine inspiration stream from the infinite river surrounding the funnel. It's not meant to be filtered but only discovered by the one willing to flow as a passionate expression of imposed vertigo. Don't obediently seek the unseen hand resting riverside, I am already here. Don't wade in the water waiting for the propitious moment... Continue Reading →

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