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101 Quotes Cover-Kindlle

101 Quotes That Will Change Your Life

101 Quotes That Will Change Your Life is not just about changing how you think about life but changing how you see the world that has been presented.

I have found a key to unlock my deepest dreams and desires, and I’m here to tell you that it’s not the only copy.






Every life has a story, and every experience has the potential to begin a journey to discover a power within yourself.

Blackbird is a story of how one simple question ignited a passion and how love has unearthed my true connection to God.



I am grateful you are interested in ordering a signed copy of one of my books. My love for the written word is a passion I embrace every day, but my desire to inspire is the reason why I write.

Within each signed copy I have hidden an inspirational message I hope can lead you to become the person you admire most. My pencil will be present in every book, but my hope is you find a blank page and write your own story. Thank you!

Signed Books

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