Possessing Power

“You hold the key to unlock any dream you can conceive when you understand the power you possess in your subconscious mind.”

Topher Pike

We all have a power that exists in our minds. We have the power to change our thoughts in an instant and change our circumstances for eternity. Your mind holds the answers to your happiness. You can decide today to use your mind to unlock your dreams of a better life. It is your choice what thoughts you let into your mind, so make sure you choose wisely.

Every thought you hold in your mind has power. If it stays long enough, it can bring you joy, and it can also bring pain. You have to be fully aware of your thoughts and find ways to control what thoughts you hold. When you have the discipline to predominantly think positive thoughts and beliefs, you will have the power to predict your future.

Use this quote if you underestimate the power of positive thinking and the influence your mind has to create.

Motivational Quotes

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