Last Breath

“When you have the perfect vision of your future, hold it in your thoughts like it is the last breath you will ever take.”

Topher Pike

It may take time to really see the perfect vision of your future. It may come to you in an instant, or it may develop over your transformation toward a more positive mind. When you find the vision that becomes the picture you see every day, you need to breathe deeply. The vision you have found will provide you with an unlimited supply of clean air.

Exhale the negativity you have been holding deep in your mind so you can filter the thoughts that bring purity. Decide what your perfect life looks like and hold the vision in your mind. Imagine the feelings of already having attained the life you want. Hold this vision in your thoughts with absolute certainty. If you are drowning in your current life and gasping for hope, you need to breathe the freshness of positivity and belief.

Use this quote when you have the perfect vision of the life you want to attain so you can hold it fresh in your mind every day.

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