Caged Voice

“To change your world, you need to unleash the caged voice you have been afraid to free.”

Topher Pike

Have you ever heard a voice in your head you dismissed as a crazy thought? Have you ever had a dream that everyone said was impossible? To change your world into the vision you now hold closely in your mind, that voice needs to be uncaged. You must unlock the power of this voice, and reimagine the cage to give you the freedom to rumble. The cage that exists was created by the negativity and doubt you use as the foundation of your thoughts. Change your thoughts, and this voice will be free from any cage created by man.

You must understand that once you change your negative persona into a more positive and productive version of yourself, the gates will open with opportunities to roar. The cage may be locked today, but the key is in your possession. You have spent your entire life in a cage of your own creation, and only you can rip down the walls with ferocity. The voice you have been afraid to free has the potential to turn a whimper into a roar if you believe the cage doesn’t exist.

Use this quote during your day when you choose to dismiss the voice that refuses to live in the cage you created.

Motivational Quotes

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