Driving Fear

“Don’t hide from fear; do one thing every day that will drive your fear into hiding.”

Topher Pike

Make it your purpose every day to face your fears. Do not hide when you feel fear in the pit of your stomach, but actively search for opportunities to look fear in the eyes. Even if you are afraid to admit it, there are things you fear in life and try to avoid at all costs. You will find whatever excuse you can to hide from its intimidation.

When you make a choice to overcome your fears and control the emotions they introduce, you will find that fear is inferior to the power you possess. Write down your top ten fears in life, and make it your mission to start crossing them off your list. One by one, you will realize your biggest fear is the face staring back in your reflection.

Use this quote to understand you must not hide from fear but embrace the freedom it can give you.

Motivational Quotes

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