Open Door

“Do not look for success through an open door. Open the door where your deepest fear lies, and you will find everything you need.” – Topher Pike

We all look for success through the narrow lens that we have created. We can see that promotion because we walk by the door to our new office every day. You have the ability to picture yourself sitting in your ergonomically designed chair, staring out through the window of your newly furnished office. You propel yourself into this new world because you believe that it is possible.

You have the means to see its outcome daily. If this picture is all you can see, it will be all you will possibly receive. To really find the success and happiness you truly desire, you must be willing to look past the open door. Embrace the fear that lies behind the door you have been afraid to open. Decide you can have more than the life you created, and use fear as your guide to what you truly desire.

Use this quote when your path to success has limited options without the possibility of making you feel completely fulfilled.

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