Chasing Time

Motivational Quotes

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“We all have twenty-four hours in a day, so never use time as an excuse for failure. Failure is not using the time we are given.” – Topher Pike

I thought of this quote after I told myself that all the things I wanted in life weren’t possible because I didn’t have enough time to make them happen. After saying this to myself, I started to think of the most successful entrepreneurs and leaders I respected. After coming up with about ten names, I asked myself what I had in common with these inspirational leaders. Surprisingly I did have a few traits in common with these great minds but what resonated was time.

We all have the time to chase our dreams and goals, but most of us use our time to find excuses why we have no time. When you give your excuses strength, your dreams will not develop, and you will never give yourself the time needed to succeed. The glaring truth is you have the time to accomplish any goal if you believe time is not an obstacle. Give your attention to your dreams and not time.

Use this quote when you feel the urge to sit back and relax when you have a clear vision of your future.

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