Greatest Defeat

Your greatest defeat is your greatest opportunity to understand that defeat is powerful. – “Topher Pike”

Defeat is a requirement for anyone who ever created something unbelievable. Defeat can be demoralizing to anyone with a superficial hope that they will accomplish their goals. It can, however, be a powerful motivator to those who have an unwavering belief that their dreams are undeniable. It is important to understand that failure happens to everyone who dreams big.

It is how you choose to use its direction that will ultimately decide if your dreams are indisputable. Never have a negative reaction to defeat; use it as an opportunity to learn and understand its power and perspective. If one path did not give you the desired results, understand you are much closer to your goal because the path has been vetted. You now have a clearer direction to accomplish your goals.

Use this quote after you experience a failed attempt to achieve your goal.

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