Behind Failure

“For anyone to see their future, they must be willing to put the past behind them while understanding the power and opportunity that is created from failure.” – Topher Pike

Your past can thrust you toward the life you have always wanted or hold your dreams in a bubble that cannot be broken. To really see the future, you have to create a mind that understands failure is knowledge. You cannot succeed without failure, and you cannot burst the bubble without understanding the opportunity failure creates. When you fail in life, you cannot stop searching for different ways to accomplish your goals. One failure can create multiple opportunities to see different paths.

You must be willing to see the opportunity failure creates and not its manufactured ending. If your past failures hold you back from accomplishing your goals of tomorrow, prepare yourself for future failures. Put the past behind you, but always be thankful for the knowledge and opportunities failure produces. Your past is a great engine to guide your goals of tomorrow when you see it as opportunities and not as roadblocks.

Use this quote when you look to the past for reasons why failure is a part of your future.

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