Silent Passion

“One of the greatest gifts in life is knowing that your gift should never live in silence.” – Topher Pike

Do you excel at something in life but cannot see a future where that could provide you with financial freedom? We all need to pay our bills and put food on the table, so we choose to spend our time doing things that will make this possible. This is not a failure by any means; it’s a noble act to provide for your family. What if you could find a world where your greatest passion was your career? You would not only put food on the table but live every day with a full plate.

If you have a passion in life, you cannot store it on a shelf that no one can find, in the back of a pantry, no one can see. Give it a voice every day and embrace the freedom and joy it will create. Life is not just about the necessities but about abundance. It is necessary to do the things you love if you seek the ingredients to prepare a life that will leave you satisfied.

Use this quote when you have a passion that you choose to silence.

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