Friendly Fear

“If you feel fear on your journey, you are on the right path.” – Topher Pike

Fear is such a powerful emotion that most of us choose to let it control every aspect of our lives. It can be so pronounced you can feel its weakening as sickness. Fear is not only powerful, but it can be immobilizing. It can make us drop to our knees and throw in the towel before we step into the ring. We see fear as defeat and not as direction.

When you realize fear is an opportunity, you will understand that holding the towel close will create the sweat needed to accomplish any goal. If you feel fear, be thankful that you can feel something. Once you understand that fear is not your opponent but your cut man, you will lace up the gloves with confidence. You will be ready to put in the hard work necessary to see life with a poise to knock out any obstacle entering your ring.

Use this quote when you are ready to attack your fears and face any obstacle that stands in your way.

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