Disappearing Doubt

“Your wildest dreams are only a thought away once you unlock the mind that holds your doubt.” – Topher Pike

The most impossible dream does not have to live at a distance if you believe it is possible. When you decide that the fear you feel every day holds the key to your deepest desires, you will understand. Once you let your dreams overpower your doubt, your mind will be free to unlock the door where your dream has been left to die.

You may not see it today, but if you look closely and intently through this hollow door, you will see that your dream is still breathing. From a distance, it may be surrounded in darkness, but once you start to take small steps toward your dream, it will start to rise from the darkness, and doubt will disappear. With every positive thought you inject in your mind, your dream gains strength. With positivity and belief, you will soon be ready to take the next step.

Use this quote when you have a dream that has been gasping for a new beginning.

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