Witnessing Decisions

“If a person’s mind is not free of fear, can a person see clearly enough to be a witness to his or her own decisions?” – Topher Pike

When fear becomes the deciding factor in how you make decisions, you will witness freedom or experience defeat. You need to control how you respond to the fear you face every day. Fear can drive you out of your comfort zone if you decide to put two hands on the wheel. It can control how many red lights you see as the traffic starts to clutter your mind.

When you free yourself from the fears you face in life, your decisions will become clearer. Fear can guide our choices. If you do not know why you feel fear, you will never be present when you need its direction. Be a witness to what it represents and understand that it can provide you with the green light to put your foot on the gas. Only you can embrace fear, and only you can decide who sits behind the wheel.

Use this quote when you start to make a decision based on fear so you can reevaluate what drives your decisions.

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Daily Quote 129

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