Overtaking Fear

“Always be willing to embrace the moment when the power of belief overtakes your fear of failure.” – Topher Pike

There are certain moments during the course of your day that provides completely contrasting paths. The first path has very few obstacles or obstructions. It is a nice, easy walk toward comfort and familiarity. You have walked this path a thousand times before, so to walk it again is effortless. You know exactly where the path ends.

The second path, however, is not natural, and the terrain feels very discomforting. Once you convert your fears into positive outcomes, the second path will become the only option. Be willing to walk the second path when the belief in your dreams starts to overpower your fear of failure. When you understand that fear doesn’t slow your journey, you will be prepared to embrace its potential for growth.

Use this quote in any moment you feel doubt, and understand that fear is a path that contains the answers you need to grow.

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