Simple Formula

“If someone could give you everything you wanted in life by giving you one simple formula, would you walk away or walk with purpose?” – Topher Pike

The ideas in the book are not new, and you may be doing some of them every day. You may be great at one but don’t really follow the others. You may give your time to a charity every weekend but not tell the people in your life how grateful you are for their support. You may have a great routine to start your day, but once your day gets off track have no skills to retrain your mind to recapture your vision.

I have incorporated some of these principles in part over the last five years but always found a way to revert to my old ways. Once you realize all these actions are a part of something bigger, you will start to make it your purpose to follow its direction. When you have a greater understanding of the power in these actions, you will see the formula has relevance.

Use this quote when you question the power of a positive purpose.

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