Defining Happiness

“Happiness is easy to obtain when you decide what happy is.” – Topher Pike

People define happiness in many different forms, and it’s never the same for every person. True happiness does not come easy nor does it have a dollar value. The definition of happiness is yours to create, and you will not find it in a book because you must be the author. You must decide what happiness really means to you. Do not let anyone define your happiness when they cannot understand your hopes and dreams.

Have you ever really sat down and put serious thought into what really makes you happy? The things in life that make your smile permanent. Once you truly understand what makes you happy, you will start to approach the life you always imagined was possible. We all have a murky vision of happiness in our mind but never find the clarity to seek its reality. Decide what makes you smile, and believe the path will present itself. Only then will you obtain true happiness.

Use this quote when you are ready to sit down and ask yourself what makes you happy.

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