Finding Happiness

“Do what makes you happy, or do nothing.” – Topher Pike

This quote may be hard to grasp because we all have daily tasks that need respect. I’m not saying that you should forget about the things that provide for your family. This quote is about the time you have left. If you really want to experience life as the best version of yourself, you need to do what makes you happy. Providing for your family deserves respect but so do your dreams.

Make sure that you have a dedicated plan in place every day that brings you closer to the vision you have created. Nothing in life is given to you, but you can choose to take control of the time you have. If you cannot find happiness, make time to find it. Only you know what makes you happy. Never let your dreams fade away with a desire to pay your bills.

Use this quote when you are too focused on work and do not give yourself the time to follow your dreams.

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