Strengthened Attack

“Strengthen your body so your mind has a place to live when you attack your day.” – Topher Pike

For your mind to function at full capacity, it will need a solid foundation to grow and subsist. You need to incorporate some sort of physical activity into your day. This might seem like a lot of work at first, but the benefits will be twofold. If going to the gym is not an option, then spend fifteen minutes every morning taking a walk before you shower.

Not only will your body start to regenerate, but your mind will have a newfound energy to attack your day. Your body and your mind have to be at one and connected if you want your dreams to thrive. Insert physical activity into your daily routine, and you will not only feel stronger but more energized to fight off the negative images that will try to attack your mind.

Use this quote every morning when you feel like skipping your exercise routine.

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