Invisible Darkness

“Darkness is not the absence of light; it’s the absence of a purpose.” – Topher Pike

We all have days when nothing goes right, and we are unsure of how we will ever have the things in life that make us happy. You feel lost in your daily struggles and feel you will never be able to break free from the life that is causing you so much stress and disappointment.

The simple answer is you haven’t decided what you want in life or given yourself a purpose to get up every day. The more complex side of this darkness is you feel life is insignificant and not under your control. You have a choice to find a purpose that will create a light to ignite your passion.

If you think that darkness lasts forever, set your imaginary alarm clock and watch a sunrise with a smile on your face. Force it if you have to. Every day we have an opportunity to create something better. Once you find a purpose in life, the darkness you see will dissipate into light.

Use this quote when you think darkness will forever surround your life, and choose to watch your dream smile through the darkness.

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