Open Eyes

“Every morning when you open your eyes and embrace your passion, encourage yourself to never fall asleep again.” – Topher Pike

Every morning you have a choice: awake to the sound of an alarm clock, or awake with a purpose. I fight every morning to never hear an alarm that has no idea of what I need to accomplish during my day. I refuse to hear the sound of defeat before I taste my morning coffee. I decide to wake every day with ambition. I choose a vision for my future that I can see as soon as I open my eyes.

No matter how many hours I have slept, I know that when I wake, I am prepared and ready to attack my day. By the same token, I’m not afraid to fall asleep because I’m ready to give everything I have when I rise. My dreams have become so clear in my mind that I have the passion to fight every morning to see an alarm clock that makes no sound.

Use this quote before you go to bed and every time your alarm clock tells you that you are not prepared.

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