Wake Me

“Don’t reach out to me if you want to talk about the disappointment of yesterday. Only wake me if you are willing to attack today, and I will be by your side.” – Topher Pike

This quote came to me after a conversation with a friend who was going through some difficult times. After a spirited and candid conversation, I demanded my friend stop feeling sorry for himself and start making the necessary changes. I told him not to call me until he had made the progress we had discussed.

It might be a hard conversation to have with yourself or the ones you love, but sometimes it must be had. If you believe someone is ready to change the way they think about life, show them a direction they may not be able to find—a direction that can transform their thoughts into actions and their dreams into reality. This quote will also help you fight the internal battle you will face between the two voices on either side of depression.

Use this quote when you start to talk about and discuss the disappointment of yesterday.

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