Attainable Goals

The eyes of a leader can be seen in all those who decide to listen and believe their goals are attainable.” – Topher Pike

Leadership skills have become a great characteristic for your resume. It has such a narrow connotation that most believe it is a trait held by someone in a corner office. Leadership is not about how much money you make or how many people you control. You can make millions of dollars a year and manage dozens of employees, but that does not qualify you as a leader. It may put you in a position with a nice view but great leaders are not given people to follow them; they create ideas and direction that invite followers.

They decide that what they see is attainable, and they believe in success despite obstacles. Leadership skills should not be a tagline to a resume if you believe you can lead. Leadership is not about acquiring the herd but being able to listen when the dogs are barking. Your vision combined with your ability to listen intently will create a pasture where you can lead with your eyes wide open.

Use this quote when you think you are lacking leadership skills.

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