Casting Judgement

“Don’t cast judgement until you are willing to judge yourself.” – Topher Pike

On your journey toward your new life, you will have many people stare at you with skepticism and tell you the life you want is impossible. They will say you don’t have the money, you are not smart enough, or your goals are unrealistic. In their minds they do not believe that your goals and dreams are possible. They cannot see a path to obtain these unrealistic goals you have decided you can achieve.

They may have never gone after their dreams because of this mentality or have tried, failed, and given up. Remember that they have never been given the gift of a positive mind, and not too long ago you were wrapped up in that same empty box. Judge yourself first, and let the universe judge your actions.

Use this quote when you tell a friend your goals, and they look at you with skepticism.

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