Powerful Wishes

“A thousand wishes unasked are worth nothing, but one dream surrounded with passion and purpose is powerful beyond belief.” – Topher Pike


Have you ever dreamed of a genie who would appear in your darkest days in a haze of happenstance? A mystical figure who could provide you with three wishes that would change your life? It’s a pretty unfulfilling dream when you know the genie only exists in a children’s book. But how about if you believed in this genie with the innocence and conviction of an incipient child?

Imagine if you had access to a genie who could grant any wish you could create in your mind. It may be hard to imagine, but what if this was possible? You would spend weeks coming up with the perfect wish and spend months crafting its outcome. It would become the most important aspect of your life because you accepted its inevitability. If you had one wish in life, would you ask for more wishes or would you ask for exactly what you want? One dream surrounded with passion, purpose, and belief will release a power you thought only existed in a fairy tale.

Use this quote whenever you think your wishes will never be answered.

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