Responsive Reflection

"If you look in the mirror and see failure, look again." - Topher Pike This quote came to me during the first day that I realized I needed to change the way I think and the way I choose to live. We all have days when we feel we are not enough. We hesitate to... Continue Reading →

Poem XVIII – When in Doubt

Thank you father, for another glorious day. When in doubt I am grateful for the crimson sunrise behind the clouds as an auspicious beginning is presented today within a dream of tomorrow. Thank you father, for the journey of life. When in doubt I am grateful you shall accompany me within the wind flowing wild and free above the ashes floating... Continue Reading →

Poem XVII – Sweet Surrender

The oxygenated blood gushing from my being provides the ammunition for laying down my singular sword. The temptation to grab it with both hands cuts my mind into pieces. Whispering into the furious wind surrounding the infinite forest were it lays I gain strength. The glare from the warm steel invites me into battle while... Continue Reading →

Poem XVI – Returned Innocence

Continuously circling around my decision to return I quickly decide I never left. Once again I find the present and start again. Fear tells me to run, so I walk. Unknowingly I open a door that once held freedom within. I do not step fast or think slow but embrace the moment to instinctively feel a... Continue Reading →

Poem XV – Prepared Expectancy

Don’t worry about me if you cannot clearly see, it’s not yours. Don’t worry if you cannot feel the elation in my expectation because preparation is not your donation. It's captured and released with every raw emotion portrayed through my graphic narration. Listen for yourself. In passion and faith, your continuous inhalation is found within... Continue Reading →

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