Poem XIV – Riverside Acquaintance

You have waited long enough to feel divine inspiration stream from the infinite river surrounding the funnel.

It’s not meant to be filtered but only discovered by the one willing to flow as a passionate expression of imposed vertigo.

Don’t obediently seek the unseen hand resting riverside, I am already here.

Don’t wade in the water waiting for the propitious moment to feel when you can feel me now.

As I descend into everything, you are peace. As you rise into nothing, you flow into the river that has no name.

I am the name you seek. I am the name that cannot be filtered. I am the place you ask as you enter.

When you let go of who you are not, I am ready to be who you are.

When you decide who you want to become, I am the river that flows in you.

Poem 14-Riverside Acquaintance
Order your limited edition print and learn the story behind the poem. Each piece is numbered and signed. Look inside the frame, and you will find my inspiration for each poem. Only 369 copies of each poem will be printed. 

Numbered and signed print
The story behind the poem printed on the back
11 x 14 Black (1 1/8″) Synthetic Wood Frame
White Double Mat
2 mm Glass
White Cardboard Backing


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