Glorious Death

As I cross my arms in cessation, I am ready. I am not afraid to close my eyes when euphoria is what I seek on the other side. The death I choose tonight will give birth to another day and another breath. I will not forcefully bow my head kneeling bedside. I voluntarily rest in peace as I release the hidden death presented behind antecedent probabilities.

I shall entomb the day passed to rest without repression. As I release I grow and as I become I embrace instantaneous death. I no longer question the symbolic expression that is in my possession but will pursue death as a place in time and not a final destination.

The glorious death I search for is already mine. I find my end in a life today. Yesterday is gone, and no longer will I combine two inhabited worlds that do not align. I will never again choose a life where my reconstructed mind is manipulated to select an alternative replacement to passion.

See me through another day as I take the hidden stairway behind my divided mind. My body is aching but my time is now as my eyes set sail on the glory of another planned dissolution. As I prepare for departure, I supply a wind of change in exchange for glorious death.

Glorious death


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