Responsive Action

“Action is not a physical motion but the response to your thoughts.” – Topher Pike

Taking action is not possible if you do not produce a thought to proceed with movement. Before your body can move, your mind must make the decision that it’s the right step to take. Once you have an inspired thought you can do two things. You can choose to procrastinate, or you can embrace the inner voice that is screaming to proceed. Action is only physical once you respond to your thoughts with decisiveness.

Nothing in life is created without a thought, and nothing is accomplished without action. These two things are always connected. Make sure not to underestimate the power of your thoughts. If you choose not to respond to your thoughts, action does not exist. Make sure your thoughts are positive, so your actions will move you closer to the vision you have created.

Use this quote when you feel the urge to take action after an inspired thought.

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