Take Me

The cursor blinks as I wait for the words to find me. Let me be the one who can find the precise words to slide away from the would be.

Together we will fly and find a way to shine above the ominous clouds. I don’t know, and I don’t care because I know you can take me from the anxious crowd.

I can feel the sound of the ordinary warmth that has been waiting for my appearance, and I will not worry anymore.

I will come to find you because my survival exists in a feeling that lies inside of the light.

I don’t mind waiting to be taken when the home presented was intended. I don’t remember yesterday because you will make me today.

I do not wish upon a distant star when the narrow doorway remains right outside the door. I no longer will be a prisoner all my life because I was afraid to explore.

The distant horizon has no power as you take me now. The distant horizon is now, and I no longer wait to be considered.

I don’t remember what is missing but choose home as an apparition within my composition. As I take me, we will make each other.

Take me

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