Buried Alive

I cannot comprehend how you continuingly surface when I have buried you so many times. Your disguise has many protective masks as you rise to reprise the confused existence that multiplies my delusions counterclockwise.

I continue to improvise and devise plans to bury you alive, but with every quick blow I mobilize, I continue to be paralyzed from below. I will never compromise as you reach through the ingrained dirt and terrorize my thoughts.

I let you be, but you antagonize me to the point of overwhelming defeat each time you reach into my quickening heartbeat. You have hypnotized my being, and I will no longer humanize your existence as you arrive through the muck and vandalize my mind.

I let you live today because I will finalize a death that cannot be denied. I will not bury you alive again but recognize your end before I sympathize with your story. You can continue to reach whenever you feel glamorized because I shall never again be immobilized. I will reorganize.

Buried Alive

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