Peaceful Chaos

While the car shakes uncontrollably in a moment of vehement frustration, I can help but mirror its lifeless destination. I slam my hands together in a violent rage as I release control of every instinct that is keeping me protected. I know I shouldn’t let go, but I can’t restrain from letting my unrehearsed emotions take over the wheel.

As my mind instantly turns from persistent peacefulness to spontaneous chaos, I start to lose perpetual control. The car still moves forward, but my progression stands still. The headlights remain fastened to the head but the spark that existed when I turned the key momentary flickers in the cracked rearview.

Someone, please tell me why I continue to let this car shake uncontrollably when I know first hand the person who can stop this acceleration. I have felt this vibration for weeks and weeks, but I continue to let it drive my hand away from the wheel. Why do I feel the need to drive this car when I do not see my intended destination?

The impending man projected in this reflector stares back in my reflection. With a peaceful love and chaotic belief, my instincts immediately return and I come back to the place where my passion can burn. With my vibration and without my pride, I reach out from the inside. I release control of the destination and embrace the ride.

Peaceful Chaos.jpeg


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