Poem VI – The Playwright

The reddish lights are luminously evident as the darkness surrounding tells its own threatening story.

As the final scene concludes I can’t help but think what sane man would write such a horrific ending that precludes the possibility of glory.

The dramatic theatre sits empty, but I patiently wait to see the face behind this tragic scene.

I will never leave this place until I find the man to help me understand what it all means.

This is not the first time I have seen one of his disheartening productions, and I wait anxiously for a formal introduction

His hellish laughter blazes down the brimming hallway as I continue to look for the double doorway hidden behind the dingy red curtain.

I choose the door opened by the others and angrily push through the crowd stomping my feet in agony.

My temper rises to levels of insanity as I wonder why they continue to praise such a tragedy disguised as salvation.

Temptation takes over as I get closer and closer. I continue to walk unknowingly as my hands get colder.

Should I let him look into my eyes like the others claiming he is the beholder?

When the question becomes transparent, I realize I will never leave this place until I look into his eyes and proclaim that I hold the all mighty pen.

I am the playwright.

Poem 6-The Playwright

Order your limited edition print and learn the story behind the poem. Each piece is numbered and signed. Look inside the frame, and you will find my inspiration for each poem. Only 369 copies of each poem will be printed. 

Numbered and signed print
The story behind the poem printed on the back
11 x 14 Black (1 1/8″) Synthetic Wood Frame
White Double Mat
2 mm Glass
White Cardboard Backing


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