Poem V – Round 1

As I awaken from my deepest darkened sleep I think and rethink should I turn over once more or invest in infinite ink. I hear the ringing of a bell as my mind shifts back and forth from reality. I hear him counting one, two, three as the chant of normality disgust me to move from possibility to actuality.

He is watching me now I can feel his presence so I rise and I fight to feel his acceptance. My feet stay grounded, but my mind is set free to feel my hand being guided by the words I cannot see. I foresee my body trusting this familiar voice so I rise and I write because certainty is my only choice.

The feeling of regret shall never pass through my extended hand because I now understand firsthand the power of a man yearning to expand. From this moment I will demand my body to never leave my mind unmanned in a ring I did not purposely plan.

As the morning sun cracks through the shades of another victorious day, I can’t help but ponder his authentic voice and what it will portray tomorrow. I stare down at the canvas once more knowing he is in my corner waiting to descend because tomorrow I will rise to hear that bell once again.

Round 1

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