Poem IV – Potato Tree

How is it you stood before me when your seed was planted before I could see. Out of the debris, you have risen waiting for the perfect time to be. There is familiarity all around you, but your birth is so unique. Each branch extended provides the answer I seek.

I did not place you in the soil underneath the surface, but your patience and faith strengthen my only purpose. You are the only one who knows why you picked this time to be revealed but each branch that I touch provide a moment that I can be healed.

The multiple shades of green vibrating from your being provide another moment of contemplation, another moment of seeing. I see with my eyes, but your conception is felt in my heart because I know that is where your beauty lies.

Out of nothing, you believed and your time is now as you sprout from the rocks surrounding your soil. Years have passed, but your roots remain deep as I walk toward you now my day has come to reap.

potato tree


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