Sophia’s Dreams

Dear Sophia,

My greatest goal in life is to provide for our family and guide you to a life you deserve. I will not let you waste the precious time you have. I promise that you will be fully equipped to take on a world that will try to crush your hopes and dreams with fear and normality. I will not only teach you the most important skills to succeed in life, I will show you step-by-step how to apply these skills.

Together we will formulate a plan that will take you from an innocent child to a woman who is confident enough to fight for your passion. The joy I feel today has pushed me to be a better man, and I will not waste my gift by letting the ink fade. I will force my mind and my thoughts to create a life that is worth the love of my family.

I will never stop pushing every day because of fear. I will fight every day knowing that my fear is not real, and my belief in possibility is more powerful than the script I was given. I will push every day with a knowledge of a power I cannot touch but a gift I will teach. One positive thought will have absolute power over depression and doubt. I will teach you that to change your world, you must change the perception of the world that has been presented.

Present yourself to the world with a vision surrounded with purpose and the world will present a new path toward your passion. I am so grateful I have the gift to see life as a story that has not been written. I will not let you pick up the book that has been perfectly placed on a beautifully built bookcase in the front of a store purposely marketed to the masses

I will teach you about a book that has never been written by an author of your choosing. This book may be in the deepest part of the bookstore covered in the dust of a thousand beautiful minds, but this book will ignite a passion with the power of one positive thought. It can only be written by the one who turns the empty pages and believes in the words only he or she can see. Your story is unwritten until you decide to put pen to paper.

Sophia Dreams

I will give you a pen every day to help you find the words to write your own story. A story worth your heart and your soul. Believe me when I tell you that you are the creator of your own life, and never let anyone tell you it can’t be done. I have written you these words for one reason. When they try to feed you the book of mediocrity, you will be perfectly prepared to answer with one statement.

“I will never choose to take the book that has been presented to me by the masses who pretend to understand my dreams and desires. I will choose to find the empty book and put my pen to paper.” – Sophia Pike

I will give you every opportunity you need to write your story with a passion only you can find. I will soon need your help to pass the pen to my next vision whose innocence can only be found in the picture I have seen through the love of family. The heartbeat may be faint, but with the faith we find as a family, you will soon become the teacher.

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