Poem III – Motionless Rainfall

The trees they do not move, and the flowers stand still in amazement as the rainfall beats louder and louder. Do they know something I do not? The single blade of grass I quickly notice has no purpose but to find one single drop. As I stare into nothingness, I can’t help but feel everything.

The landscape stays silent as the rain comes down harder and harder. The people surrounding me are running faster and faster. They run to escape the dampness, but everything surrounding their distress rests in calmness. Does nature know something I do not? Why am I not running to find shelter? Why am I standing calmly?

As I close my eyes the questions disappear and I began to catch a feeling that I know nothing. My eyes slowly close because I can see everything. I do not hear the voices of yesterday or see my vision for tomorrow. Rain is all I sense as I stand and wonder how long it has been waiting for me.

I know the rain has always been present but why does it feel so different and each drop sound so distinct. I quickly open my eyes to look for that one single blade of grass different from the millions of others, but my search reveals nothing. Then in an instant, a single drop of rain trickles down my forehead. My search is over.


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