God’s Image

God created man in His own image. I have heard this so many times over my lifetime. From my days of being forced to sit in Sunday school to the numerous times, I attended church on those rare special occasions. I have even heard this statement over the thousands of hours of TV I have watched over the years. I’ve never really given it much thought because it’s always been background noise. To be honest, if I were asked what it meant a couple of months ago, I would tell you that it was probably written in the bible to control the masses. It’s the word HIS that now looks different to me. The question that now intrigues me is the image gods image or is it your picture of yourself.

Does God create man in God image of what man should be or does God create man as a reflection of how man sees himself? It’s funny sometimes when you have heard a phrase or read a book before and all of a sudden you see something different than what you have read before. That’s is why I read a good book or watch an inspirational video multiple times. I believe your image of yourself and how you see yourself is your connection to God. Your picture of yourself is Gods image of you. Your picture of yourself is like a conversation. The things you tell yourself repeatedly creates who you become and who you see when you look in the mirror. It is God image of you.

God's image

It’s a kind of scary thought when you think about the consequences of this statement. Especially if you see yourself as imperfect or not enough. Is God going to turn me into a person that will never have enough or always be depressed? If I see myself as a failure will God make it real? This is where the problem lies. If you continue to think with the mindset that someone is pulling strings, you have it all wrong. When you start to see this statement on my side of reality, you will understand the opportunity that lies ahead of you.

If God creates man in man’s own image of himself that doesn’t that give you one of the most powerful tools to become the person you admire most. If you change how you see yourself when no one is watching, the spirit of God will hear your prayers. When I listened to the statement God creates man in his own image, I always thought of the days of Adam and Eve. The almighty God that created heaven and earth. A man who has control over your life. That brings me to the most compelling piece of this statement. God creating man in a singular moment is not what I believe to be the truth of these words.

I think God created man in mans own image every minute of every day. Not just a concept of man as a whole but with our individual thoughts, feelings, and attitudes. Every moment of every day we all choose our own beliefs. Not even the most famous prison can take that away. The only prison that exists today is the one that is located in your mind. Your past experiences, negative things people have said about you all contribute to this prison know as your living hell. Once you understand that each day is a gift, each day from this moment will be closer to the heaven you seek.

In a moment you can change your image of yourself and how you see the greatness that exists in you. God will not come down out of the clouds and change your life because he ain’t up there pressing buttons. If you want the hand of God to touch your life, you must change how you see yourself. It’s not enough to sit on your bed praying to God to make you a better person and bring you peace. The communication must be both ways, and your job starts with how you see yourself. Tell God that greatness exists in your presence, so he knows which direction to lead you.


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