Infectious Growth

“The light that shines within doesn’t have to stay within.” – Topher Pike

We all have a dream in life that creates an attitude of success that is infectious to anyone who comes into our presence. When we talk about this dream, our passion oozes out of our subconscious with ease. It is never forced because you feel elation with every smile it initiates. Unfortunately, most of us never let this passion stay long enough for it to manifest into reality. We may let it out for a moment or two, but as soon as negativity and doubt infiltrate our mind, this passion evaporates.

Have you ever been so excited about a goal or dream that everyone around you would listen with intent? They could feel a spark in your voice because your conviction was clear. Never let your passions flicker when it radiates the best version of you. Do not let dreams hide when they can create a life surrounded with passion. Free your passions, and the universe will affirm your intentions.

Use this quote when you have a passion in life but never give it a chance to initiate growth.

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