Poem II – Forever Young

As the cold summer rain flows uncontrollably underneath my feet, I stand in a moment of silent reflection. Reluctantly I resisted your arrival, but the representation in front of my eyes provides another moment of poetic contemplation. Your innocence and peacefulness give a strength underneath a weakness in my own thinking.

You may not stand tall today but the spirit and light that shines brightly in your eyes tonight are limitless. The only limits that will exist at this moment are the ones given to you tomorrow. Your cries have a purpose, and your expressions have hope. My direction from this moment will lie underneath your intent and your belief.

The Color Blue.jpeg

Just like the guidance of the rain trickling down my face I do not know which direction you will take. The only thing that I am sure is the rain exists. I am sure the rain will come when you are confident in the direction of the wind that blows underneath your reflection. As your spirit gains more expression, your sails will harness the wind you have been provided.

As I stare into your eyes, the future and the past have no meaning, and my weakness is revealed. In an instant, I understand that it is the moment and nothing exists without this moment. Together with our vulnerabilities, we only live at this moment, and together we are only present in this moment. With uncontrollable love, my reflection is now presented in your eyes, and the gentle wind that blows the rain intently down my face will soon be your reflection.

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