Poem I – Love of Family

Today as I peacefully rest, I am not alone. Tonight, as I gently rise, I am not seeking peace.

I do not find peace on my last day, and nor will I spend this day searching.

I will not search for a purpose because I have seen my peace in the love of family.

From the innocent voice of our newly sprouted seed to that last gentle kiss from our dearest child, I need not search today.

My last day was built for joy and laughter.

I do not see the cloud of yesterday surround this room. I am only preparing for that imagined sunrise that is about to emerge from the darkness.

With a familiar laugh heard down a crowded hallway to that heartfelt story told like it was the very first time, I need not prepare my family to start this new day. They are ready.

I may be resting, but I stand tall knowing our love extends further than the bed we now call home. I never planned on searching for peace today.

I already found my peace the moment I kissed the women who I now desperately

reach out and touch.

I am not seeking peace today because I will confidently rise knowing our love for our family was

my greatest gift, my greatest love.


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