My Future Self

I found this letter I wrote a few months ago and thought I would share. Shortly before I wrote this letter, I created a goals list of some big and small things I want to accomplish over the next 5 years. Writing a letter to myself from the future was on this list, and I can confidently say it is now crossed off. I wrote this during one of my early morning writing sessions and barely remembered what I had written before today. I recently promised myself that I would leave no word to die alone, so I will breathe life back into these words today. It’s pretty raw, but I would like to leave it that way so I can remember that moment in time.

January 25, 2017

I  just wanted to write you this letter today because I believe you need to hear my words and see what your hard work and faith has done for me. All the days you woke up early to meditate and find the inner peace and happiness in your life was worth every positive thought. It might be a struggle today, and sometimes I know that it seems nothing will ever happen that will get you to the place I live in every day.

I’m writing you today to tell you I love you and with every small step you take you are getting closer. Don’t lose faith because you are so close to getting the life of your dreams. I promise you that every time you choose to live in the moment and believe in your future you are giving it life. Some days will be a struggle, and that’s ok. It is meant to be hard to test your faith. Understand that. You have to push through those bad days and keep your vision secure and feel it with your heart every day.

If you feel you need to take action, don’t hesitate and take it now. I can’t underestimate this task. You started applying the skills you learned, but you are now ready for the next step in your journey. Take action every time you feel the hand reach down to your soul. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the task that this voice has given you just make some sort of small step to start, and more steps will be presented.

A letter to my future self

You have great power in your mind to get the answers to fulfill your goals and dreams, but an action is now your next step. Continue to feed your thoughts all the same things you are consuming today. Understand the time is now because there is no other time to be alive and get it done. I sit here today writing from the study that you imagined. I turn my head to the left and to the right, and it is all here brother. I look out the window, and I see that ocean brother.

You need to know that you are not alone but you need to listen. All the answers are present and continue to seek direction with your emotions. Don’t forget to feel your thoughts and feel them every day. Feel love. I wish you knew how close you were to the promised land right now. Heaven if you want. I have it all brother, and it’s because you kept believing and seeing me sitting here this morning.

I could probably write forever to keep giving you hope, but I need you today to break free from those feelings from the last couple of days and get stronger. You have all the tools now today to bring me alive. I hope you believe me when I tell you it’s great man. It’s exactly how you pictured it sitting in that chair looking out trying to find answers. You are that best selling author because that is who I am.

You have a million dollar house because I am sitting in it right now. You are a millionaire because I have the money sitting in my bank account. You have inspired millions of people around the world because I talk to them every day. It’s amazing to hear about all the people that got inspired by your books and made positive changes that would blow your mind.

It’s real man, and it’s because you never gave up and push through your fear, lived in the moment and loved. I need you to go and get it today. Feel it with confidence and do something you have never done. It’s coming brother, and I will wait for you on this side of reality. Dream Big! I love you!

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