Impending Decisions

“Decide what you want in life, and tell the world it’s yours.” – Topher Pike

Start today by making a decision as to what you really want in life. Write your goals and dreams down on paper. Once you have done this simple and freeing task, you will acquire the purpose to attain the happiness that has been removed from your life. You will clearly see the things in life that bring you joy and calmly release yourself from the unhappiness that may surround you. When you are certain of the life you want to live tomorrow, you must start convincing yourself of its impending inevitability today.

You cannot be afraid to tell all those who will nurture your dreams. You will find that your direction will not only become clearer, but the ones who believe in you will find ways to join your journey. They will look for different paths that may help you achieve your goals and dreams. Share your dreams and conviction with the ones you love, and you will have a team prepared to look for opportunities.

Use this quote on days you think nothing can stop your dreams from coming to life, and share your confidence with your chosen team.

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