Creative Storm

“Don’t wait for a storm to change your life; create the storm that will change your life.” – Topher Pike

The power of positive thinking can sometimes get lost in the waves of our daily lives. Our hopes and dreams can lie alone underneath a single-engine boat in the middle of a shallow ocean. We sit and wait for a gust of wind to take our rusty boat to shore so we can step out and sink our feet deep into the sand. We look around for a lifetime for this limitless wind to attach to our sails and bring us freedom.

If you truly want to change your life and walk with two feet in the sand, you must stop waiting for a gentle breeze and become the storm that will guide you to shore. You must do something every day to create the wind that will turn your boat into a vessel that will guide you to the place where you dream.

Use this quote on the days when your belief in your dreams starts to fade away, and you revert back to your normal routine.

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