Purposeful Days

“Attack your day with purpose, or your purpose will be serving someone else’s dreams and desires.” – Topher Pike

Having a purpose for every day you are on this earth creates the progress needed to construct your dreams and desires. Not just an idea but a step-by-step plan for each day that aligns with your goals and vision for a better life. Don’t pretend you can run through your day and make a plan as you tackle daily tasks. If you have no plan to start your day, you are planning to become an unappreciated contestant in a game you cannot win.

You will not be asked to help write the rules, and you will have no input on how this game is constructed. You will only receive a small door prize from the person who was courageous enough to unlock their dreams. If you don’t have a purpose for tomorrow, you will become the pawn.

Use this quote to keep you focused on your daily goals so you don’t get lost in someone else’s vision.

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