Poem I – Love of Family

Today as I peacefully rest, I am not alone. Tonight, as I gently rise, I am not seeking peace. I am not looking for peace on my last day, and nor will I spend this day searching. I am not searching for meaning on my last day, nor will I spend this day looking. My... Continue Reading →

My Future Self

I found this letter I wrote a few months ago and thought I would share. Shortly before I wrote this letter, I created a goals list of some big and small things I want to accomplish over the next 5 years. Writing a letter to myself from the future was on this list, and I... Continue Reading →

Negotiated Seclusion

“Since everything in this world is connected, be sure not to live life in a bubble of your own creation.” – Topher Pike We all have had times in our lives where leaving the house seems insurmountable or even debilitating. We refuse to answer phone calls and let our e-mails accumulate to the point we... Continue Reading →

Yesterday’s Gone

"If you don’t know who you want to become or the life you want to live, you need to figure that out today or tomorrow will be the same as yesterday." - Topher Pike If you are truly ready to change your life, you need to change the way you think. If you are not... Continue Reading →

Ambitious Awakeness

"Tonight I will dream of a better tomorrow, but today I will awake with a vision more ambitious than yesterday." - Topher Pike If you wait to fall asleep to dream, then you are wasting precious time. You need to make it your purpose to dream before your head hits the pillow. Imagine a life... Continue Reading →

Impending Decisions

"Decide what you want in life, and tell the world it’s yours." - Topher Pike Start today by making a decision as to what you really want in life. Write your goals and dreams down on paper. Once you have done this simple and freeing task, you will acquire the purpose to attain the happiness... Continue Reading →

Creative Storm

"Don’t wait for a storm to change your life; create the storm that will change your life." - Topher Pike The power of positive thinking can sometimes get lost in the waves of our daily lives. Our hopes and dreams can lie alone underneath a single-engine boat in the middle of a shallow ocean. We... Continue Reading →

Purposeful Days

“Attack your day with purpose, or your purpose will be serving someone else’s dreams and desires.” - Topher Pike Having a purpose for every day you are on this earth creates the progress needed to construct your dreams and desires. Not just an idea but a step-by-step plan for each day that aligns with your... Continue Reading →

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